Tofukuji Temple – Byodoin Momiji Course

The Tofukuji Temple – Byodoin Momiji Course takes you from Tofukuji Temple in Kyoto City to Byodoin in Uji City by JR.

The red line on the map is a distance of about 1.45 km (about 0.90 miles), about a 29-minute walk + JR Tofukuji Station to JR Uji Station (about a 15-minute ride).

From Tofukuji Temple, you can also go to the Uji area by taking Keihan Toba Kaido Station – Keihan Chushojima Station – Keihan Uji Station (about 33 minutes ride).

Course Map

  • A Tofukuji Temple     0.7km(14min)  
  • B JR Tofukuji Station     Ride time about 15min  
  • C JR Uji Station     0.75km(15min)  
  • D Byodoin  

Tofukuji Temple


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