Garden Viewing Course(East Area)

The Garden Viewing Course (East Area) is a tour of various types of gardens, from the Hojo Garden at Tofukuji Temple to the Sinen Garden at Heian Jingu Shrine.

The red line on the map is a distance of about 3.55 km (2.20 miles), about 1 hour and 20 minutes by foot + city bus (about 13 minutes ride).

Kenninji Temple is impressive for its hojo front garden (karesansui) and chon garden.Note that G Marker Ishibe Koji is a little hard to find.

Course Map

  • A Tofukuji Temple     0.6km(12min)  
  • B Tofukuji bus stop     Ride time about 5min  
  • C Higashiyama Nanajo bus stop     0.25km(5min)  
  • D Chishakuin     (Higashiyama Nanajo bus)Ride time about 8min  
  • E Higashiyama Yasui bus stop     0.35km(7min)  
  • F Kenninji Temple     0.5km (10min)  
  • G Ishibe Koji     0.15km(3min)  
  • H Kodaiji Temple     0.9km(18min)  
  • I Syorenin     0.8km(16min)  
  • J HeianJingu Shrine  

Tofukuji Temple


Kenninji Temple

Kodaiji Temple


HeianJingu Shrine

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