Hirano Shrine – Uuhouin Sakura Course

The Hirano Shrine – Uuhouin Sakura Course takes visitors from Hirano Shrine, where approximately 400 cherry trees of about 50 varieties bloom, to Uuhouin, a hidden cherry blossom viewing spot.

The red line on the map is about 1.7 km (1.05 miles) away, about a 34-minute walk.

Uuhouin’s double-flowered cherry trees (Gyoikouzakura) are at their best around mid-April.Gyoikouzakura is a rare light green cherry tree.

Course Map

  • A Hirano Shrine     0.7km(14min)  
  • B Daihoonji Temple     0.85km(17min)  
  • C Hongryuji Temple     0.15km(3min)  
  • D Uuhouin  

Hirano Shrine

Daihoonji Temple

Nearby Course

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